Uncle Buck Finance LLP (‘UB’) – In Administration

 Website Update – To All Customers With Remaining Outstanding Loans to UB

  • This website update relates ONLY to customers that continue to have remaining loan balances due directly to UB. It does NOT relate to any customer who previously had a loan(s) with UB and which have been subject to a sale or assignment prior to March 2021 to Perch Capital Limited, ACI UK Limited or Lantern Debt Recovery Services Limited.
  • Due to the insolvency of UB and the unsustainable costs of maintaining a fully operating IT system in the Administration, from March 2021 all reporting in respect of customer loan repayments, arrears and continuing defaults to the Credit Rating Agencies were ceased.
  • No further reporting will be made to the Credit Rating Agencies going forward and all information relating to customer loans (other than those subject to the prior sales and assignments referred to above) have been deleted.
  • Customers who require any further information on this matter, should contact the Administrators via email at unclebuck@harrisons.uk.com

Free Debt Advice & Financial Support

You may wish to seek free and impartial debt advice from not-for-profit organisations such as:

StepChange Debt Charity: visit www.stepchange.org or phone 0800 138 1111

National Debtline: visit www.nationaldebtline.co.uk or phone 0808 808 4000

Citizens Advice: visit www.citizensadvice.org.uk

Paul Boyle, David Clements and Tony Murphy of Harrisons Business Recovery and Insolvency (London) Limited were appointed as joint administrators of Uncle Buck Finance LLP (the Partnership) on 27 March 2020 (the Joint Administrators).

The Partnership provided lending services to the UK consumer market.

Following the appointment of the Joint Administrators:

  1. All new lending activity has ceased; and
  2. Customers should continue to make repayments for all outstanding loans in the usual way. Please note, if you receive any requests to make payment to any other bank accounts, please inform the customer service team immediately at unclebuck@harrisons.uk.com

The Partnership’s customer service team remains available to assist existing customers with any queries.

The Joint Administrators will conduct an orderly wind down of the business and seek to recover the assets of the Partnership for the benefit of its creditors.

It is anticipated that the orderly wind down of the Partnership’s business may, if applicable, include a sale of the assets of the Partnership. The Joint Administrators will also commence work to identify all creditors of the Partnership in accordance with their statutory duties and obligations under the Insolvency Act 1986. Those customers with complaints (whether on grounds of affordability or other) should continue to approach the Partnership in administration. Any such claim will be treated as an unsecured creditor claim.

The Partnership remains regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority who will continue to supervise the Joint Administrators’ activities throughout the administration process.

Please remember, be aware to scams. Never give personal information or account details to anyone who contacts you unexpectedly. We will never ask for your bank details.

Where financial firms enter into administration, experience is that fraudsters may sometimes approach customers and investors claiming to be able to assist them to recover their investment in return for an advance fee. Sometimes the fraudsters claim to be from the company or the Administrators. You should be wary of any unexpected call, email or other contact which asks you for money in this manner. FCA guidelines are available at: